So much love and care goes into owning a dog, including choosing the right name. Which names are the most popular in New York?

If you have ever named a dog, or any pet for that matter, you probably gave a lot of thought to the perfect name. When you chose that final moniker, it was most likely their personality that guided your final decision.

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Personally, I love dog names that are regular human names. Like Bob, or Frank. I think they stand out! But when it comes to the most popular in the state, they are dog names through and through - and pretty darn adorable. While these are the most popular, I don't think anyone has ever met a dog name they did not like.

Looking for some inspiration for the new dog in your life? Or maybe you want to be different and stay away from a common name? Just check out the list below!

You can see the most popular 100 dog names nationwide, and the top 5 for every state, at the US News website.

The 5 Most Popular Dog Names In New York State

Looking for some inspiration to name the newest furry, 4-legged member of your family? Maybe you could use this list for inspiration, or maybe this list will send you in another direction to find a more unique name for your dog. Either way, these are the 5 most popular dog names in New York according to US News.

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