In September of 2022, 28-year-old Tyler Barber’s family reported him missing. Three months later, his remains were found and on Wednesday, March 22, six people were charged in the brutal murder of Barber.

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Pennsylvania State Police say that four men have been charged with criminal homicide in the brutal beating of Barber. They are Blaze Matthews of Bridgewater Township, Matthew Baker of Jackson Township, John Sullivan of Oakland Township, and Daniel Williams of Bridgewater Township.

Following arraignment in New Milford, the four men, who were also charged with other felonies including kidnapping and aggravated assault, were denied bail by Magisterial District Judge Jodi Cordner.

Police say that a fifth person, Nikalos Petrich was not in custody as of Wednesday night, and a sixth person, Tracee Jo Shimer, was detained in lieu of $250,000 bail. Shimer faces counts of kidnapping and unlawful restraint as a conspirator.

According to Pennsylvania State Police, Barber was last seen at an apartment in the Susquehanna Depot. A group of people was upset with him for being a so-called snitch, claiming that Barber had revealed information to the police.

Police say Barber was then forced into a car by Corter, Williams, Baker, and Sullivan, and was told that information would be pulled out of him. Barber was taken to Rose Hollow Road where he was blindfolded and then rope was used to restrain him to a tree.

State Police claim the four men took turns beating Barber, removing his clothing down to his underwear and burning the clothing in the middle of the road. Barber told the men where they could find money in his home and Corter and Williams went there to look for it. When they returned, another man came with them – Nikalos Petrich.

State Police say that Petrich was carrying a silver baseball bat and that it was used to beat Barber. The men allegedly took turns hitting Barber before cutting his restraints and leaving him lying on the road in only his underwear.

In November of 2022, a hunter found Barber’s skull and other remains in woods near Rose Hollow Road. The remains were positively identified as belonging to Barber in December of 2022.

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