Here is a good news, bad news thing and I'll start with the good news. We're FINALLY starting to see some gas stations with gas prices that are less then four dollars per gallon. The bad news....Gas is still around four dollars per gallon.

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It's a shame that it's gotten to the point where we are celebrating "low" gas prices because it's under four dollars per gallon. It's the world we live in but I hope that it's not the new normal.

Listen though, while its entirely possible that gas will jump up again, let's just enjoy how we're paying a little less at the pump than we were earlier this summer. Gas prices have been dropping for 70 days, and lets just hope it continues.

In June, gas hit a record high national average of $5.02 per gallon...which meant that half the gas was higher than that. Some reports said that gas could jump to six dollars gallon by the end of the summer.

I'm glad to see that didn't happen...yet. We'll see what happens after November 8. GasBuddy has come out with their latest list of the top ten gas stations with the best prices.

Gas Stations With the Lowest Prices In the Southern Tier

1st place at $3.89/gallon

  • Scott Smith & Sons, 8 Delphine Street, Owego

Six-way tie for 2nd place at $3.99/gallon

  • Gulf, 1308 E. Main Street, Endicott
  • Gulf, 92 West Main Street, Binghamton
  • 1 Stop, 283 Front Street, Binghamton
  • Sunoco, 415 W Main Street, Endicott
  • Citgo, 906 North Street, Endicott
  • Citgo, 429-431 E. Main Street, Endicott

Three-way tie for 8th place at $4.09/gallon

  • Speedway, 1081 Upper 5th Avenue, Owego
  • Kwik Fill, 8894 NY-434, Apalachin
  • Sunoco, 143 Riverside Drive, Johnson City

Go here for the updated prices and other locations that can save you money on gas. Gas Pump: Do you want a receipt? Me: No, I want to forget the experience.

I just hope that gas prices will continue to drop...$2.50 would be nice.

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