Where do you go when you need an answer or you're curious about something, anything? It's most definitely Google, isn't it?

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If you say you don’t turn to Google for answers on everything from what hours your favorite store is open to when your favorite team plays next to why your baby won’t stop crying, you’re in the minority.

92 percent of all people in the world turn to Google when they need answers, including Binghamtonians who are apparently very interested in the Binghamton University mascot. But, we’ll get to that in a minute.

Are you searching Google for the same things your neighbors are? Now you won’t have to wonder how common (or uncommon) your own searches are because Google has just released its Local Year in Search 2022.

So, what are people in the Binghamton area curious about? Let’s take a look at our town’s top Google searches of 2022, shall we?

Binghamton’s Most Unique Google Searches Of 2022

People in and around Binghamton looked to Google for all sorts of answers in 2022, but these are the top five most unique things we searched for.

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