Do you ever type or write a word and then find yourself looking at it, convinced that the word is completely foreign looking and you absolutely spelled it wrong even though the word is literally the easiest word to spell?

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I've fallen into what can only be described as weird psychedelic-type trips when it comes to certain words and the spelling of such words. The only way I can think to describe it is as brain confusion. From time to time, I'll find myself confused, even after using spell check when uncertain about the spelling of a particular word.

I wish I could tell you that it was words like supercalifragilisticexpialidocious (non-sensical, but it's in the dictionary nonetheless) that I get hung up on the spelling of, but it's not. It's not even the sometimes tricky words like to, too, and two. And definitely not words like their, there, and they're. No, the words I get hung up on are words like "gray" and "grey." I know, I shouldn't even panic over the correct spelling of the word because both versions are acceptable, but I still do.Every single time!

A new report put out by Google Trends revealed which word each state has the hardest time remembering how to spell. Some of the words really are tricky. The people in Michigan have a hard time remembering how to spell "shenanigans" and in Kentucky, they get hung up on the word "embarrassed." Wyoming has a hard time remembering how to spell "professional."

New Yorkers are a smart bunch. So the word we collectively can't remember how to spell is probably a silly one like the difference between "gray" and grey," right? No.

"Quarter." "Quarter" is the number one word that New Yorkers search for the spelling of in Google, according to Google Trends.

We may stink at spelling "quarter," but at least we know that "tomorrow" is not spelled with an "a" anywhere in the word. Can't say the same for the good people of Illinois. And, unlike the people of Nevada, we have no problem with the word "problem." So, there's that!

We are a little bit envious of California and Rhode Island where the word they have the most trouble remembering how to spell is "bougie." "Bougie" is so much more fun than "quarter."

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