I'm glad this isn't true where I work but when it comes to the employee and boss relationships, New York is not doing so great.

A recent study by Federal-Lawyer showed that employee/boss relationships in New York are among the worst in the country. They surveyed 5,000 employees and asked them to rate their relationships with their boss on a scale of 1 to 10. The average score across the country was 6.5, and New York employees gave their relationships a 6.4. At least it's close.

When it comes to misconduct, it gets even trickier. The study found that just over half  (51%) of New York employees said they would whistleblow their bad boss. That's a lot of people that feel like they have no choice but to blow the whistle. That's not a healthy work relationship.

Whistleblowing is NOT EASY! It takes guts and it comes with risks. There is the possibility of retaliation with consequences from being iced out at work to career sabotage.

Don't forget about the toll it can take on a their mental health and personal relationships. It's a tough road to travel, and they worst part is that it might not change a thing.

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The study also found that nearly 20% of employees have seen unethical things happen but stay silent. That's a lot of people afraid to speak up. When they were asked to rate their trust in their workplace to protect whistleblowers, the confidence level was just 4 out of 10.

But there is hope, over 90% of people in the study want more transparency and better support for whistleblowers in their companies. It's time for employers to make a place where employees can feel comfortable to speak out against possible misconduct.

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