When was the last time you were pulled over by a police officer? It has been a long time for me. I guess I'm just a law abiding citizen...as far as you know.

I've been pulled over a few times over the decades that I've been motoring around the highways of America. One time it was for speeding, and one time it was because of a non-working tail light.

I never noticed this, but maybe it happened during one or all of those traffic stops, the police officer touched one of my taillights, maybe the trunk or hatchback, or another part of my vehicle.

Why would a police officer have any reason to do any of those things? According to the Good Car website, there are a few reasons. One reason is to leave a fingerprint, which puts trace evidence on the officer's hands and will be helpful if there is any question about what happened during the stop.

Another is to let you know they are present, to be sure that the vehicle is stopped, and to help prevent any injuries to the officer. Touching the vehicle also lets the officer know how the motorist reacts. This helps the police officer assess the situation.

An officer may touch the trunk or hatchback to guarantee that it is latched. It's a safety measure. Also, according to the Good Car website, the office may touch a vehicle looking for any damage, which could be an indication the driver was involved in a crime.

Check out this video for a short explanation, It makes all the sense in the world.

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