Every year where I camp, they have several fun weekend activities. And one of them is painting a metal star. A couple of years ago, my wife took part in an activity where you get to paint whatever you want on the star.

Star On Camper
Don Morgan

She did a great job (hard to see the different colors in the above photo), and we hung it on the camper, where it remains today. I've seen these stars, some metal, some made of wood on the sides of homes and barns for many years, but never thought about what the star stands for if anything.

The Meaning Of Stars Found On Homes and Barns

Well, according to the website Distractify.com, these stars allegedly originate from German immigrants who came to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in the mid-1700s as Amish, Mennonite, and Lutheran groups. These stars are believed to mean a few things including being patriotic, representing barn builders, and bringing good fortune.

Quilt on Barn in Northern Michigan

What Is A Barn Quilt?

In addition to these stars on homes and other buildings, you may have noticed another type of design on local barns in New York State. They are called barn quilts. What is a barn quilt? That was my next question as well. QuiltDom.com describes them as such: "...they are messages from artists who use paint and old rural buildings to express emotions in a non-ordinary way."

The website goes on to say that barn quilts are a dedication to someone or represent a family or community, and are hung up on a family barn. Normally a barn quilt is eight by eight and is square. The design is up to the creator.

Barn with Quilt

Barn Quilt Trails Formed

QuiltDom.com states that there is even a barn quilt movement started by Ohio resident, Donna Sue Groves, who began a local barn quilt trail in the early 2000s, which became so popular it has grown to 43 states, including New York State. You can see a New York State barn quilt trail map here.


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