How many years have we complained that summers were ruined because of all the rainy days we experienced? Seems a lot. But not this year.

Sure, in the beginning, I was having a tough time keeping up mowing the grass which seemed to be sprouting up faster than I had time to mow, both at home and at my campsite. But then we got hit with a drought. If I recall correctly, after the 4th of July, I didn't mow any grass for well over a month.

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It felt good not having to mow, but the grass in my backyard was dying, and of course, drought isn't a good thing. But all of a sudden, the rains have returned. And not just a bit here and there. Real soakers as you well know. It sure ruined many plans for people on Labor Day Monday.

According to the Binghamton National Weather Service, several areas in the Southern Tier experienced quite a lot of rainfall over 48 hour period. Reports from areas and communities ranged from just under an inch of rainfall to just under 4 inches.

A report from Windsor came in at 3.96 inches, The National Weather Service at the Broome County Airport reported 3.30 inches, and a report from Whitney Point registered 3.18 inches of rainfall. The highest rainfall total listed between the Southern Tier of New York State and Northeastern Pennsylvania was registered in an area of State Route 6 in Bradford County, Pennsylvania at 4.65 inches.

Other amounts reported to the National Weather Service included 2.10 in Vestal, 2.15 in Whitney Point, 2.21 in Chenango Forks, 2.27 in Chenango Bridge, and 2.53 in Johnson City,

According to WNBG-TV's Howard Manges, the record rainfall for September 5th for Binghamton was shattered. The old record was 0.86 in 1986. The new record is 2.24 inches 'observed.'

So, get your lawn mower back out, and get ready to mow, at least until Old Man Winter comes barging in and we trade in our lawn mowers for snow blowers and shovels. But hopefully, that will be a long way off.

[via National Weather Service, Howard Manges - WBNG-TV]

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