Recently. a listener asked me about the possibility of publishing an article on local places where you can pick strawberries. You know, U-Pick-Em places.

I remember as a kid, my family would pick our own strawberries, as well as blueberries, and blackberries at various places throughout our community. I think we ate more  berries while we were picking them, versus what we carried back home


Since I really didn't know locally where to go to pick strawberries, I figured the answer would be as close as asking on social media. And I receive answers. Of course, as usual, I had to sift through the non-answer comments and vague answers like in a field in the country. Thanks, but not helpful.

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Below, are 10 places that appear to be open from the responses I received. Unfortunately, there are not a lot of local choices, and there is no guarantee these places are still operating, but assuming they are open for business, check in advance of your visit to be sure, (click on the name of the company for their website or Facebook page.)

Let me know on Facebook if you know of any other local places to pick strawberries I may have missed. Happy strawberry picking!


Alice K. - Silver Queen Farm 5268 Stillwell Road, Trumansburg, New York

Heather FPallman Farms, 1511 Summit Lake Road, South Abington Township, Pennsylvania, just outside of Clarks Summit

Jeanne L. - LaCoe's Berry Nice Farm, 10038 Valley View Drive, Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania

Jackie D. - Lakeland Orchard & Cidery, 1649 Lakeland Drive
Scott Township, Pennsylvania

Rebecca S. - Indian Creek Farms, 1408 Trumansburg Road, Ithaca, New York

Denny H. - Middlefield Orchard, 2274 State Highway 166, Cooperstown, New York

Melissa H. - Grisamore Farms, 749 Cowan Road, Locke, New York

Kristin W. - The Green Barn Berry Farm, 7299 Armstrong Rd, Muncy, Pennsylvania, and  Tomion's Farm Market, 200 NY-14A, Penn Yan

Ronald M. - Whispering Pig Pumpkin Patch ( YES, they have u-pick strawberries as well), 3369 State Route 29 South, Noxen, Pennsylvania

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