It was the naked man that hopped the fence over by ECC that made all the headlines following the Buffalo Bills game. The 29-year-old man, who only had a shirt on, jumped the fence surrounding the site of the new stadium, and jumped into the massive hole. He was transported to ECMC and then Buffalo General where he was charged with trespassing. Obviously, he wasn't taken into custody, but was issued only an appearance ticket.

The behavior from the rest of the other 67,992 Buffalo Bills fans was exceptional, though. Police say it was the “best behaved crowd that we’ve seen since our administration has been in place.”

There were only 8 ejections from the Buffalo Bills game against the Raiders and only one arrest and the Sheriff made note that the arrest actually happened after the game was over with and everyone was on the way out. Apparently, there was some pushing and shoving related to that arrest as people left Highmark Stadium.

Where is parking open for the Bills game? Is there any extra parking?

As for the traffic that was a whole other situation. Expectations for parking were very different on this home opener. With the new stadium being built, Buffalo Bills fans had to find different spots to park since a major parking lot is now eliminated.

Depending on who you talked to it either went two ways: really good, or really bad.

Some people said traffic wasn't all that bad, but other people said they were in traffic for 2 hours. That being said, you were waiting for quite some time before all of this construction as well. Parking on Big Tree before 9 AM seemed to be a breeze getting to some of the private parking lots.

Man Jumps Fence and Falls into the Hole Where New Stadium is Being Built

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