Broome County Director of Planning and Economic Development, Frank Evangelisti is back on the weekly, local public affairs program, Southern Tier Close Up as the 2020 Census is here.

Bob Joseph/WNBF News
Bob Joseph/WNBF News

Evangelisti says invitations are being received in the mail by residents instructing them on how to participate in the count.

This year for the first time the once-every-decade tally of populations can be done online.

Evangelisti says, unlike problems with technology that have surfaced so far in the Presidential primaries and caucuses, the national Census online count is expected to run smoothly as officials have the luxury of time to go over the numbers.

The issue of the importance of the count is also addressed.  The Planning Director says the numbers are used for a number of very important decisions like where money will go for roads and other infrastructure, education and, perhaps one of the most important areas: the drawing of Congressional districts.

The program also gets into some of the questions about just who gets counted as living where, legal and illegal immigrants and people who only live part of the year in a location and where they should be listed as residing.

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