Weapons, drugs and money from criminal transactions have all been apparently passing through postal centers, including facilities in the Syracuse area, Vestal, Johnson City, Binghamton, Oneonta and other points throughout the state, nation and even overseas.

The US Postal Inspection Service says 22 people have been arrested under Operation Pandora’s Box that started March 28 and included drug sniffing dogs, and dozens of narcotics enforcement officers.

Investigators say drug suppliers in New York, around the nation and overseas were using the US mail to ship narcotics and synthetic drugs as well as other contraband into the region.

Drugs seized included over 80 pounds of marijuana, 980 grams of Xanax, cocaine, heroin, LSD and synthetic drugs.

Weapons seized included semi-automatic weapons, including an assault weapon with two 30-round magazines and a pump action shotgun.

Suspects arrested were from all over the Southern Tier and Central New York, including 23 year old Erica Cirzeveto and 24 year old Nefateia Brink, both of Binghamton.




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