I know there are a lot of things going on in the world, and although thinking about sports might seem a little self-serving right now, I miss it…a lot

The talk of sporting events yet to come and what will happen over the next half of the year continues its rise of ambiguity, major league baseball looks like it will be cut into a third for 2020, the NBA is looking at a playoff-type tournament in Orlando, the NFL is a go for now and hockey is working towards some type of season?

The sports networks continue to rebroadcast games originally played during the Clinton administration, and analysts are putting together their best guess scenarios.

Although watching the New York Knicks 1994 playoff run to the finals was enjoyable, it leaves me with a craving for new games, and at this point I might even watch a tiddledywinks match.

Call me an entitled, spoiled American (and you would be right) but sports is a big part of many lives, and without the counter effects of fandom, we are worried and stressed out Americans.

I’m sure many countrymen and woman have similar interests aside from sports that leave them with some form of anxiety, we need to ingest some fun into our lives to balance out the fear.

Sports fans are passionate about their teams, their favorite players, and the nuisances of the game that raise great debates and heated discussions.

COVID has taken the live spectator event off the table for at least the immediate future with no live audiences, will that stunt team spirit, which is directly proportional to fan spirit.

I don’t think anyone has a handle on what the wide world of sports will actually look like in the next several months, but win, lose or draw, I’d settle for any of those.

So yes, I miss my sports…a lot!

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