Local law enforcement officials say the arrests of a half dozen players in a major heroin trafficking operation in Broome County over the weekend sends a clear message to others who would deal drugs.  In the words of Sheriff David Harder: “We’re watching and we will get you.”

Authorities have released some more details about the bust and said it capped off a year-long investigation into the ring that moved at least $75,000 worth of drugs every two months.

Binghamton Mayor Richard David told reporters, “we’ve cut the head off the snake” as authorities said they believed the action would bring a noticeable slowdown in the amount of heroin coming into the area.

Some 50 law enforcement officers closed in on the ring in Binghamton, Johnson City and Endicott.

38 year old Devon Johnson, 32 year old Ferris Brown, 37 year old Shawn Perry and 44 year old Maurice Rollins are charged as major drug traffickers while 54 year old Mary Peters and 57 year old Andrew Savo are charged with felony drug sales.


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