While most of us will not be going over the river and through the woods to Grandmother’s house this Thanksgiving, there may be a more perplexing problem for some.

How to prepare a vegan Thanksgiving dinner?

According the Vegan News there are 9.6 Million vegans in our country, a 300 percent increase over the past decade and a half.

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The demand for more vegan friendly foods are on the rise, and the Thanksgiving holiday is the food event of the year.

I openly admit that I am a meat eater (don’t hate me) but I understand that your life style is just as important to you, and if that is a vegan life, how about some help with your holiday meal preparations.

According to a press release from Sara Liu, award winning chef and owner of Parlor City Vegan located in Binghamton, she is offering people a little help this holiday season in the form of a free Thanksgiving vegan helpline.

Vegan stuffing, pumpkin pie mix and many other vegan delights.

The Thanksgiving vegan helpline will be accessible on the Parlor City Vegan Facebook page on  Wednesday November 25th from 3p to 4p

In a press release quote Chef Liu said “We started small, and the response to our vegan comfort food options has been overwhelming,”

In addition Parlor City Vegan is offering a 100% vegan Thanksgiving takeout menu.

Bon Appetite!

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