Authorities are investigating the cause of a two-alarm fire on Sunday, November 6 that damaged a home in Endicott.   

Authorities were called to the house at the corner of North Page Avenue and West Franklin Street after 6 a.m. and a second alarm was sounded. 

Photo: Bob Joseph/WNBF News (file)
Photo: Bob Joseph/WNBF News (file)


Firefighters and apparatus from four other companies joined Endicott crews on the scene of the blaze. 

There was no information as to whether anyone was inside the home when the fire broke out or who summoned the fire department. 

There were no reports of injuries.   

Firefighters were on the scene for over three hours. Emergency communications records show the last remaining fire truck leaving the scene at around 10 a.m. but other personnel remained at the location for several more hours 

New York State Electric and Gas was called in to turn off the utilities to the property and the Town of Union Code Enforcement office was also called to the scene. 

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According to real estate listings, 301 North Page Avenue is shown as a single-family home. 

The home is located a couple blocks north of West Endicott Park. 

There was no information concerning where the fire is believed to have originated or the extent of the damage to the house.

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