The Town of Fenton Planning Board may not be the lead agency to review a new attempt to get approval for a natural gas compressor and filling station on West Service Road.

NG Advantage has re-submitted its applications for the station after a court ruling determined the Town did not sufficiently conduct a review of the environmental and community impact of the project.  A meeting September 26, with two planning board members absent, failed to obtain the required majority to retain the planners as the lead in the environmental review.

Media reports estimate the crowd numbers at between 175 to 250 people attending, many of them opponents of the project, which they say will pose hazards to the neighborhood, transportation, infrastructure and the environment.

NG Advantage insists the planned 18-million dollar facility is safe, will generate construction jobs, create 150 full-time jobs and put $75,000 in property tax money in Fenton’s budget.

The next opportunity for a review of the new application would be at the next meeting October 31.

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