The beloved "Bald Eagles of Port Crane" were displaced when their large nest was blown down in a ferocious wind storm.

The primary home for the birds of prey had become a fixture in a tree towering above the Chenango River just off Route 369 in the town of Fenton.

Nature lovers who have routinely kept an eye on the bald eagles were saddened when their big nest was lost due to a strong wind gust just before Thanksgiving.

An undated image of a bald eagle flying over Port Crane. (Photo: Provided to WNBF News)
An undated image of a bald eagle flying over Port Crane. (Photo: Provided to WNBF News)

WNBF listeners have expressed concern about the fate of the eagles following the storm.

Experts who know about the behavior of the birds say the bald eagles should be fine, despite the sudden loss of their main residence.

According to the New York state Department of Environmental Conservation, established pairs of bald eagles return to and defend the same breeding territory each year.

In the northeastern United States, the birds typically return to nesting sites beginning in December and will then breed during midwinter. The pair may build between one and five nests within their territory with only one nest being active.

The other nests become backup sites when the primary home is disturbed, damaged or destroyed.

A DEC spokesperson indicated the pair might try to rebuild rather than move to an alternate nest.

In recent days, one of the "Bald Eagles of Port Crane" has been observed sitting at the spot in the tree where the nest had been located. It's not known whether the eagles have started building a new nest nearby.

The bald eagle is the national symbol of the United States. Although the eagle had been in danger of extinction, its numbers have increased dramatically over the past few decades.

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