The Holiday season is one of the best times of year for lights and decorations in our homes, but it is also a time for house fires, directly related to holiday décor..

The Firemen’s Association of New York has a few safety tips, to help keep your holiday festive and safe.

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According to a FASNY news release, the leading causes of fires during the winter months include, holiday decorations, candles, with storms, and heating systems, being the top two.

In the news release, FASNY president John P Farrell says “Unfortunately, we see more fires happen during the holidays. Watering your Christmas tree, checking your smoke alarms, being mindful of candles and following cooking safety are all simple and easy actions everyone can take.”

Some of the suggestions.

  • Use decorations that are flame resistant, knowing the difference between indoor lights and ones designed for outdoor use.
  • Make sure your decorations are clear of doors and windows
  • Checking for loose bulbs or frayed electrical cords, and fastening lights with clips not nails that can damage the cords.
  • Placing your tree a safe distance from heaters and sources that get hot, and always keep your candles away from the tree.
  • New York State has the third most home fire deaths according the FASNY there have been 101 deaths coming into this holiday season.

Be safe and enjoy a Happy Holiday Season

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