The summer of 2020 has given New York state some of the best weather in years, check out what the Farmer’s Almanac is saying about this winter.

The greater Binghamton area has seen a summer with lots of sunny days, limited amounts of rain, and most native New Yorkers agree, this could very well be the best summer in years.

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We are already in the last full week of August, and we’re still seeing abundant sunshine, and pleasant temperatures, and the chances of the same this fall are promising.

Winters in the northeast always seem to bring something different each year, last winter we had few storms, and I can’t remember one big nor’easter, although we had a few winter storms.

The 2020-2021 Farmers Almanac is predicting a good fall with the possibility of some rain from the hurricane season.

We have the best technologies of the times, including doppler radar, and smart phones with weather apps to alert us to the weather coming our way in real time.

In past years, farmers and early pioneers looked to nature for long range weather predictions, early migrations of birds, insects, and plants would give them some signs of the coming seasons.

The prediction of long-term weather forecasting has gotten better, but we still can’t pinpoint with perfect accuracy. (see 20 signs of a hard winter HERE)

However according to the Farmer’s Almanac, we may be in for a few more storms this winter then we had over the past few years.

New York and this region can expect significantly more snowfall, with a strong chance of a blizzard in 2021.

The almanac says New Yorkers could see some cold snaps throughout the winter season, but that is not unusual, we are used to wind chills far below zero in the southern tier.

Anyway, you analyze what’s ahead, there is no denying, aside from the weather its been a rough year for everyone.



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