When you think about it, over your lifetime, there have and continue to be many changes around you. And for me, there have been many changes in all the years I've been on this planet.

Just think about it. Since I was born, technology has changed so much. Just look at how we communicate. Aside from person-to-person contact, we used a landline telephone to make contact with someone, many of us with that annoying party line, or we wrote a letter.

Now, it's mobile phones, texting, and social media. And even those phones have changed. I remember those huge hand-held cell phones and the bag cell phones. Big, heavy, and clunky. The look and number of features of vehicles from the decade I was born (the 1950s) to today is astounding.

I could go on and on, but you get the picture. It just amazes me how much things change, evolve, and hopefully improve over the course of one lifetime. But one thing I never thought would change (why would anyone think this needs to evolve), is the look and function of a fire hydrant. Certainly not my dogs.

Well, that's changing too, and why not? The Owego, Newark Valley, Campville, and Apalachin Fire Departments recently trained together on a new style fire hydrant. According to the Owego Fire Department Facebook page, this new style fire hydrant will soon be installed in areas around Owego.

So, what's the next big thing to change in our lifetime? Sending civilians up in space? How silly thinking that could happen. Wait, it already has.

via Owego Fire Department Facebook 

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