The NFL got off to a late start with no pre season matchups to test and explore player combinations, but after six weeks, the leagues elite are starting to rise to the top of their divisions, except the NFC East.

The poorest performances continue to come from the NFC east division, the Cowboys, Eagles, Washington, and the Giants, have a combined total of five wins and eighteen loses.

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At 2 and 3, the Dallas Cowboys are in first place, with only one game separating them from the bottom dwelling New York Giants.

These teams have the potential of being the worst division in history, if they continued to rack up losses, and the competition is not getting any easier.

This year the NFC East will play the Baltimore Ravens, LA Rams,, New Orleans Saints, Pittsburgh Steelers, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and Seattle Seahawks.

So far they have lost matchups to all of the above teams played this season, and we have only played six games.

The worst division play came in 2008, when the NFC West (Cardinals, 49ers, Seahawks and St Louis Rams) were a combined 22 and 42.

The NFC East is on a collision course with beating that year, and with starting Quarterbacks out for Washington and Dallas, a semi rookie year for Giants QB Daniel Jones, and who will be calling plays for the Eagles, this group of bad teams could break that record set in 2008.

It’s a perfect storm with matchups against teams that are playing extremely well, and the new rules over the past years have turned the game into a passing frenzy, and if you can’t score points, or hold teams down with an extremely talented defensive, you’re not going to win many games.

We can see that with the NFC East, as they go up against teams with many weapons that include future hall of famers, like Tom Brady, Ben Roethlisberger, and Drew Brees, along with Quarterbacks who are proven winners, like Russell Wilson and Jared Goff.

Unless big improvements are made over the next few weeks, it appears to be a rebuild year for all four of these teams, and possibly the worst combination for a season in the history of the NFL.




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