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I have worn many hats in my lengthy career in radio, and many times the type of music and format chooses you.

I would not have picture myself on a country music station, but I would spend almost 20 years collectively in the country format.

My next calling was in the mid 1990’s when I was asked to help launch a brand new radio station on a new frequency, as operations manager and morning show host of Oldies 104, I choose the nickname given to me by Roger Neel “The Mojo Man”

The station was hugely successful and really helped my career, I loved being the Mojo Man and I had a lot of autonomy to grow as a personality, but after two years and a company buy out, I was lured across town to help launch another brand new country station on a new frequency.

Starting up a brand-new station with no listeners and advertisers out of the gate is not easy, and we were going up against the hottest station in the market that also had a huge advantage in power.

The station held up for a while and after another company buy out and a few format changes to classic rock and classic hits, the frequency found its way back to a country format where it remains today.

I held several management positions during my 14 years with this group, overseeing multiple stations, which included doing mornings for a show. I enjoyed the show and the listeners, but as the company continued to cut employees and eliminate positions, I thought my career was coming to an end, so I left in 2012.

I took a job with a local radio group the same year and I won’t speak ill of anyone, but the job just wasn’t right for me and I left the next year.

The next chapter in my career came at the end of 2013 when I became the morning show host on 991 The Whale, Binghamton’s Classic Rock Station, this was truly my dream come true and what I believed to be my swan song.

I started out working in the WAAL studios at night and weekends to learn the logistics of radio and now I was the morning show personality.

I had so much fun coming to work everyday and even though the hours were early I loved the music and the listeners. I was also reunited with many of my former co-workers including Roger Neel, Bob Joseph and Kathy Whyte.

To be continued Friday...

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