Since this is the first opportunity to introduce myself to you, I thought I would give you some background on who I am, how I ended up on the radio, and how excited I am to bring you the news each morning on WNBF.

I was born at Binghamton General Hospital on February 12 (yep Lincoln's birthday). I could give you the year, but that would ruin the mystery.

I have always been drawn to the radio, one of my earliest radio memories was hearing Mr. Bass Man by Johnny Cymbal, my dad went out and bought me the 45 record, along with Puff the Magic Dragon by Peter, Paul & Mary.

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When I was around four as the story goes, I would sit in the corner of a room and spin records on a coke bottle, pretending I was playing them on the radio, and that was the start of a lifelong passion for music and entertainment.

Making tape recordings of songs, goofy parodies, and pretend radio shows would follow me throughout my younger years.

I started playing trumpet in school from third grade to my freshman year of high school, my passion for music was augmented at 14 years old when I got my first guitar, I remember practicing scales in my room and hearing my mother yelling up the stairs “Just Play Something”

I joined the United States Navy after high school and when my enlistment was up, I came back to Binghamton and started playing guitar in local bands.

The entertainment circuit in Binghamton introduced me to some local radio personalities who encouraged me to follow my dream of being a radio broadcaster, one particular individual allowed me to use the radio station studio at night to familiarize myself with the equipment and the process, I made some demo tapes and sent them out to every radio station in the Binghamton Market.

I received a phone call within a few weeks from a station located in Owego, the owner called me personally and offer me a part time job hosting a Saturday Night show, wow, my first opportunity in broadcasting, it was a dream come true.

My very first show was a blur and to this day I don’t remember any of the songs I played; however, I do recall saying something stupid about a spider in the studio.

My first handful of shows were all about learning to use the equipment and getting comfortable behind the microphone, but the best experiences were yet to come.

To be continued in the next article.

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