Binghamton police are looking for a man and woman who left a dog in a city neighborhood on a freezing morning and drove away.

Surveillance images from Saturday morning show a car parking on John Street on the South Side followed by the dog being walked to a corner. At that point, the animal was unhooked from her leash and the two people head back to the car.

According to an account posted on Facebook, the confused dog walked toward the car and the vehicle drove off.

A concerned resident reported the incident. The dog reportedly waited in the area for hours, watching for the man and woman to return.

The frightened dog was not approachable when someone tried to bring her to safety.

On Sunday morning, the dog was caught in a humane trap that was set up on John Street by an animal rescue expert.

The dog was described as "very scared" initially but now is said to be doing better at a shelter. She's now being called "Patty" because she was rescued on St. Patrick's Day.

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