For most of the time I've lived in the Binghamton area, I've had dogs and cats. At most, I had three cats at one time. I have none currently, and don't plan on adopting anymore.

As for dogs, I've had three at a time of my own and used to foster Greyhounds, one at a time, so a maximum of four dogs at any given time. Four is pushing it for me. Three is just right.

I've wondered if there is a limit to the number of dogs a person can own and have on their property in New York State. According to the On Travel Mode website, New York State has no limit on the number of dogs a person can own. But some municipalities in the state have limits, and the biggie - if you rent property, you know landlords have the authority to limit the number or ban altogether any pets.

Interestingly, New York City has no limit on dog ownership, but Buffalo and Rochester both have limits depending on certain circumstances, according to On Travel Mode.

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Last I knew, Johnson City had a limit of 5 pets (a combination of dogs and cats.) That may have changed. Where I camp as a seasonal camper, there is a limit on the number of pets we can have. Best to check with your local municipality for any limits if you plan on having multiple dogs, or pets in general.

In addition to any limit on dogs, Binghamton and the Town of Union may or not have, they do have many rules for dog owners. One rule that I'm sure some neighbors may be in favor of include: "No person shall keep or harbor a dog which by loud, frequent or habitual barking, yelping or howling shall disturb or annoy any person other than the owner thereof."

My wife and I make sure our dogs are not a nuisance to our neighbors, but it's an easy thing anyway since they'd prefer to be indoors more than outdoors. There are rules for lease laws and vicious dogs as well. Check out your local municipality for complete rules for owning pets and specifically dogs.

via Binghamton Government, On Travel Mode, Town of Union

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