A Deposit man will be sentenced in May after pleading guilty in one of the biggest drug raids in Broome County history and an earlier arrest.

Broome Sheriff Dept. mug shot Marlon Graham


31-year-old Marlon Graham pleaded guilty March 8 to two felony drug counts for possession of fentanyl and methamphetamine.

He had been indicted on 11 felony and five misdemeanor counts in connection with a drug raid on Wheeler Street in the Village of Deposit in November.  He had also been accused of possessing methamphetamine in the Town of Kirkwood in June. His trial had been scheduled to start this week.

Graham, as part of the plea, is expected to be sentenced to 15 years in prison and will forfeit about $25,000 and a 2005 Acura.

Police confiscated four pounds of methamphetamine, two pounds of heroin and two pounds of fentanyl in the November 30th raid.

At the time, authorities say the amount of the deadly drug, fentanyl that was seized amounted to about a half million doses and was more than enough to kill everyone in Broome County "two-and-a-half times over."

Investigators say Graham and 30-year-old Johanna DeGraw intended to sell the drugs.

Broome County Sheriff Dept. mug shot, Johnnah DeGraw

At the time, DeGraw and Graham were also charged with endangering the welfare of a child since DeGraw’s three-month-old baby was in the home with the drugs.