Delaware County is getting a new Undersheriff.

Sheriff Craig DuMond has announced, with the retirement of Undersheriff Timothy Buckley, he is appointing Sergeant Kim Smith to the job.

Delaware County Sheriff's Photo
Delaware County Sheriff's Photo

Undersheriff Buckley has been working in law enforcement in several municipal police departments in Delaware and Chenango Counties since 1996 and was appointed by DuMond to serve as second-in-command in 2018.  He, his wife and dogs are retiring to California.

Sergeant Smith began her 25-year career as a Delaware County Sheriff’s Office Corrections Officer in 1997 and joined the ranks as a part-time Sheriff’s Deputy in 2000. She became a full-time Deputy a year later, winning several awards in her career and being promoted to Corporal in 2015 and Sergeant in 2018.

Smith will begin her duties as Undersheriff toward the end of May.

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