County Health Departments are grappling with how to follow directives to administer a limited supply of COVID-19 vaccinations to even more residents.


Broome County Health Director Rebecca Kauffman says if the state audits the vaccinations of people with comorbidities that will be included in eligible people for vaccination starting next week, patients would be requested to produce proof of conditions like cancer, diabetes or other disease.

New York State has said opening the vaccination eligibility to people with those conditions that result in more serious consequences from the coronavirus would mean those wanting a vaccine would have to produce a doctor’s note or other documentation confirming their condition.  Kauffman this week said Broome had no plans to demand documents prior to administering vaccines to the group with comorbidities.  She did say it wasn’t clear just how many of those people would be getting shots in upcoming weeks with New York State yet to send vaccines for that group and directions on identifying those eligible.

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Meanwhile the Tioga County Public Health Director, Lisa McCafferty said Wednesday that county would be only able to reach a very small percent of the population becoming eligible for the shots.  McCafferty says it will take months to vaccinate those who are currently eligible based on the number of doses coming to the county.

She encourages residents to use a new clinic search site launched by United Health Services at to find locations taking appointments.

Pharmacies offering COVID-19 vaccination in and around Tioga County for individuals 65 years and older ONLY:
• Weis Pharmacy:
(You must visit their online links and schedule the appointments electronically)
Tioga County's facebook page also lists information explaining how the county receives its vaccines and the protocols for administering those doses.

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