A New Jersey-based company has announced it plans to use a Broome County dairy products distribution facility that had been expected to close next month.

Balford Farms of Burlington today said it has reached a deal with HP Hood to transfer the Crowley dairy operations that have been served from a Conklin warehouse.

The Massachusetts-based Hood had announced it intended to shut down the Conklin Road site. With that planned closing, 32 Hood employees would have lost their jobs.

But Balford's announcement said the company will use the facility to serve Crowley customers in New York and Pennsylvania. Balford said that means everyone who now works at the Conklin site will have an opportunity to work in warehousing and transport for the company.

Balford said it will license the Crowley brand, as well as acquire customer lists and routes.

Balford also is purchasing Rosenberger's Dairies from Hood. Rosenberger's had been acquired by Crowley Foods in 2002.

Balford president Larry Bowes told WNBF News his company's intention is for operations at the Conklin facility to continue without interruption during the transition.

Bowes said "we're very pleased" Balford will be able to maintain jobs for those who work at the Broome County warehouse and transportation hub.

Bowes said Crowley branded milk will continue to be processed in Pennsylvania. That work will be done under an agreement with Dean Foods at a plant near Lansdale.

Hood closed the Crowley dairy processing plant on Conklin Avenue in Binghamton in early 2012.

A Hood spokeswoman this week had said the company would maintain its Crowley Foods corporate office on Pennsylvania Avenue in Binghamton. She said about 30 people work at that site.

Representatives of Hood did not immediately return calls seeking comment on the developments.