Who would have thought two months ago that we would be in the situation that we're in today with thousands of people in our community out of work because of a global pandemic? And yet, here we are.

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As our neighbors struggle to make ends meet, more and more people are turning to the Broome County CHOW Warehouse for help to feed their families. Just this week, Les Aylesworth, director of CHOW wrote to Townsquare Media Binghamton saying, "I would have thought by now things might have started to slow down, but it seems that the need for food has not abated. In some ways, the need seems to be growing..."

Since March 27, 2020, CHOW has been providing 27,000 meals each day to our neighbors. This number is staggering and is five times the average number of meals that CHOW provides outside of pandemic days.

Les Aylesworth
Les Aylesworth

In order to keep up with the demand for food in Broome county as well as in neighboring counties (CHOW will not turn down any person from any county who requests food), CHOW desperately needs money to buy more food.

Townsquare Media Binghamton has teamed up with Music for the Mission, Planning with Purpose, the Raymond Corporation, and our local television stations for Neighbors Feeding Neighbors, an online food drive where every dollar donated will be given directly to the CHOW Warehouse so that they can continue their mission to make sure not a single one of our neighbors faces going to bed hungry.

Through the power of relationships with partner organizations and food rescue efforts, CHOW is able to turn a single dollar into five meals. Five meals.  If you've got a dollar or more to spare in the name of helping your fellow man, please consider making a donation to the Neighbors Feeding Neighbors online food drive.

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