Chobani Incorporated has decided to implement a formal recall of some of its Greek-style yogurt products.

The company has been flooded with complaints of hissing, bulging containers and fizzing, foul-tasting yogurt.

Chobani earlier had yanked some yogurt from store shelves but had not issued a recall. But that changed on Thursday, when the company announced it would recall a "limited amount" of yogurt to be "extra careful and cautious."

Chobani officials have said a common type of mold is to blame for the problem but they haven't explained why it caused issues with some of the yogurt produced at the company's new factory in Twin Falls, Idaho.

Chobani won't say how many complaints have been received or how many containers of yogurt are affected by the recall.

Only yogurt products manufactured at the Idaho facility are involved in the recall. Yogurt made at the Chobani plant in Chenango County are not affected by the action.

The yogurt containers covered by the recall feature the plant number 16-012 and "best by" dates of 9/11/2013 to 10/7/2013. People with Chobani yogurt that's been recalled are advised to discard it. The company says customers may request replacements or refunds by going to its website.

Chobani CEO Hamdi Ulukaya released a statement Thursday regarding the recall. He wrote: "I'm sorry we let you down."

Ulukaya said the company has been working "round the clock to fully fix the issue."

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