Cheri Lindsey Park, named after a 12-year-old girl who was raped and killed in Binghamton on March 26, 1984, will host a giveaway of child safety kits on Saturday.

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Many have drawn comparisons to Cheri Lindsey's murder in the past few months following the murder of Aliza Spencer, another 12-year-old girl who was shot and killed near her own home in Binghamton. In April, the Investigative Discovery Channel told Cheri's story on an episode titled "The Paper Route" of 'Evil Lives Here: Shadows of Death.' While Cheri's murder was solved almost immediately, resulting in James Wales of Binghamton receiving 33 years in prison for the heinous crime, Aliza's murder still remains unsolved over three months later.

In those two particular cases, child safety kits and fingerprint kits would not have helped prevent those crimes from occurring. But they could possibly prevent future crimes from being committed, and with the kits being given away for free there's really no reason not to take advantage of the giveaway at Cheri Lindsey Park on Saturday. All it costs is some time in the park, and parents can rest assured knowing that should the worst happen, law enforcement has all the tools they could have at their disposal.

According to the event Facebook page organized by Lauri Tucker, child safety kits and fingerprint kits will be given away to parents so that if their child goes missing, law enforcement officers will have all the information they need for an AMBER alert. Law enforcement having access to that information could make all the difference should a parent's worst nightmare come to pass.

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