A shopping trip turned into a burnt out car while a woman was in a store along Vestal Parkway on Wednesday afternoon.

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Michelle Wilber was in a store when she received some shocking news from another shopper. "Someone in there was saying there's a black Jeep out there smoking," She said. "And when I went out it was all in the white smoke getting ready to burst into flames."

The damage to the car was extensive. Authorities on scene even joked about being pretty sure the car was totaled. The entire hood was completely destroyed and the front tires had melted so much that it was difficult to see when the tires stopped and the parking lot began.

Car fire front
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Firefighters on scene reported that it took about ten minutes to get the fire out. When asked what could have caused the fire, authorities said at the time that they were unsure what the exact cause was, but speculated about the fuel line and a variety of other possible causes.

Wilber reported that she had no idea what could have happened to the car. In fact, she had even had the car serviced recently, and the only thing left on her to do list was to have the windshield fixed.

The fire was not big enough to shut down the parking lot of the shopping center, but flames on the car seemed to reach about ten feet high. In total it took under an hour from the time the car burst into flames to put the fire out and get a tow truck in the area to clear out the melted pile of scrap.

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