The NYS Department of Environmental Conservation has issued a no burn ban beginning today through May 14th

According the NYSDEC the regulation that is state ban part 215, prohibits the burning of trash for the next 59 days, also noted, it is illegal to burn household trash anytime of the year.

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The burning of household trash release dangerous toxins into the air that include, carbon monoxide, hydrogen cyanide and dioxin, arsenic, benzene. formaldehyde and others.

Open fires are defined as an outdoor fire that emits smoke directly into the air, that includes burning in barrels.

The NYSDEC says burning is prohibited in towns with more than 20.000 residents because these fires include soot and gasses like carbon monoxide and can injure children, pets and others

Exception to the burn ban include, outdoor cooking devices, specifically used to cook food only, small cooking or camp fires using untreated wood or charcoal, and small fires that would be used in the disposal of flags or religious items or ceremony where prohibited.

The DEC encourages you to report polluters by calling the hotline at 1-844-332-3267

More information on open burning CLICK HERE and if you’re planning a fire you can check for fire danger in your area by CLICKING HERE

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