Broome County Legislator Mary Kaminsky is asking lawmakers to step in to help prevent the only daycare facility in part of eastern Broome from closing.

The Democrat is asking that $50,000 in unused Legal Charges and Fees in the budget be made available in a grant to the Wilson Children’s Center which has found itself $65,000 in the hole due to the increase in the minimum wage.

The center, which employs 11 workers and has 34 children enrolled in programs, is looking at closing at the end of November if it can’t cover its expenses.

Staff at the Stuart and Jeanne Wilson Children’s Center have also looked to raise funds to keep the facility open.

Kaminsky says the county funding would help the daycare maintain operations as they work to find a sustainable source of funding to stay open long-term.  The 14th District legislator says the 50-thousand dollars has not been used in the budget so far this year and lawmakers have a chance to put the money to good use for the community.

The legislature is expected to consider the proposal on October 18th.

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