Broome County is reporting a huge jump in COVID deaths over the past day.

The County COVID dashboard October 19 reported the death toll from the pandemic had grown from 390 noted on Monday afternoon to 398.  There has been no explanation offered for the big increase.

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The County, when it does report additional lives claimed by the pandemic, normally announces one to three deaths, not eight in one day.

Broome County Executive Jason Garnar is scheduled to make a weekly update for reporters on October 21.

The county's COVID dashboard reports number of new cases was 88 compared to 55 the day before. 91 residents were said to be hospitalized, an increase of 11 from the October 18 report. The number of reported active cases actually fell from 766 to 754.

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Elsewhere around the region, Chenango County reported 22 new cases, three people in the hospital, 115 active cases and 39 residents who had been vaccinated coming down with the virus.  There were no additional deaths. The death toll in Chenango remains at 86.

Cortland County reports 11 new cases, four people in the hospital and 162 active cases.  There was one more fatality attributed to the pandemic for a total of 80.

There was no Tuesday report for Delaware County.  Tioga County had 11 new cases and the death toll remained at 71.

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