Acts of volunteerism, celebrations, commemorations and marches all remember the legacy of slain civil rights activist Doctor Martin Luther King Junior around the region.

The annual march in Downtown Binghamton from the statue of Doctor King at Peace Maker Square started at 6 p.m. January 18 and proceeded to the Salvation Temple Church where community leaders imparted words of diversity and a challenge to fight for race, wage and gender equality.

Meanwhile, work is continuing to bring more diversity to Binghamton City Hall and, especially the Police Department.

A special panel has been looking at ways to bring more women and ethic officers onto the force.

The Police Department has worked for years to attract minorities, including special advertising of chance to take the Civil Service Exam directed at specific groups.

Those efforts have met minimal response and Police Chief Joseph Zikuski says many officers that were recruited from outside the Binghamton area  left when positions opened closer to their home towns.

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