With the El Paso Walmart shooting where more than 20 people died still fresh in people's minds, a reported person with a gun inside a Walmart store in Cortlandville caused panic on Saturday evening.

Luckily, no such person was found after the store was searched by the Cortland County Sheriff's Office, the agency posted on Facebook.

While the store was searched by members of the sheriff's office, New York State Police, and City of Cortland Police Department.

As of when the Facebook post was written by authorities around 9 p.m. on Saturday evening, the store was back open.

Many people in the comments of the sheriff's office's post stated they were thankful authorities cleared the situation cleared up on social media, and that lots of rumors were spreading about what happened. One person commented, "I was waiting to hear from you all. There are tons of different stories going around. So thank you for clearing it up."

The investigation into the incident and the anonymous report is ongoing.

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