Although winter weather in the Binghamton area really is a crapshoot, there is one thing that forecasters can all agree on- we're going to experience some pretty cold months.

The Weather Channel explains, "The light blue and orange contours show where temperatures may be slightly below or slightly above average, respectively." The Binghamton area falls into the light blue "below average" section of the map.

The Weather Channel

Will we see a white Christmas? Maybe. AccuWeather is predicting temperatures in the low 30s with a slight chance of flurries on Christmas Day, although it's too early to say for sure. While the Weather Channel and AccuWeather are leaning toward less snow for us this winter, the Farmers' Almanac is predicting a cold and snowy winter.

Farmers' Almanac

Welcome to winter in the Southern Tier- always unpredictable. But, for those of us native to the area, we've come to expect this, haven't we?

On the off chance that we end up getting a decent amount of snow, there are quite a few places in and around Binghamton that are great for sledding. Be sure to check out this list of sledding hills and have your sled or tube ready in case you feel the need to dash and sneak in some fun!

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