The principal of Binghamton High School has issued a letter advising parents to the proliferation of false online reports about so-called "creepy clowns."


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Roxie Oberg released the letter Monday, noting some high school students have been discussing things they've seen online about purported clown-sightings.

The reports have been circulating on Facebook and other social media sites. Some of the accounts describe "killer clowns" who may be roaming the streets trying to lure children into wooded area or threatening to harm them.

In her letter, Oberg said: "I write to inform you this is an internet hoax."

Oberg pointed to news media reports that have indicated most "creepy clown" reports have been false. Some have been attributed to movie promotion and people playing pranks on others.

There also have been cases where people have been "localizing" the hoax on social media.

The principal said the situation presents an opportunity for parents and guardians of children to discuss internet safety and misinformation.

Oberg urged parents to reinforce the importance of verifying information before they share it on social media sites. She thanked parents for helping to "reduce the impact of the Creepy Clown hoaxes."

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