Binghamton Police and the Mental Health Association of the Southern Tier are working together on programs and training to improve interactions between police and people with a mental health crisis.

WNBF News/Roger Neel Photo
WNBF News/Roger Neel Photo


Earlier this year, the BPD became only one of five law enforcement agencies in New York to complete a pledge to improve interactions with individuals affected by mental illness. 

Mayor Richard David says more frequently now police officers are being called into situations involving people battling mental illness or experiencing a mental health crisis. He says it's important the authorities have a better understanding of how to deal with those situations and how to provide a kind of mental health first aid. 

Part of the completed pledge establishes a clearly defined relationship with at least one community health organization, develops a written policy, demonstrates all sworn officers are trained and certified in Mental Health First Aid and demonstrates at least 20 percent of officers are certified in Crisis Intervention Team Training. 

Binghamton Police have worked with the Mental Health Association of the Southern Tier for several years. 

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Binghamton has also committed $50,000 in the proposed 2021 budget to support MHAST programs for crisis intervention. 

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