Binghamton Mayor Richard David is declaring 2016 The Year of Neighborhoods in the City.

During his hour-long State of the City message February 23, the Republican said he was happy with progress made on Binghamton's infrastructure, economic development and public safety and now wants to address a perception that there is too much focus on the downtown district with less interest in other neighborhoods.

The mayor also touched on the ballooning issue of drug addiction in the region.  David says over the past several months of committee meetings, it has been discovered that 40 percent of local heroin-addicted individuals fail to enter into long-term treatment programs.

David says the City plans to fund a two-year intensive case management program at Fairview Recovery Services to support patients that are leaving short-term treatment and transitioning into long-term care.

The $80,000 program is to be funded with Community Development Block Grant money upon approval by City Council.