The first name has been placed on Broome County's new Animal Abuser Registry.

JOHN ELMER (Photo: Broome County Sheriff's Office)
JOHN ELMER (Photo: Broome County Sheriff's Office)

Forty-year-old John Elmer of Binghamton now appears on the registry, which is maintained by the sheriff's office.

Elmer, who records indicate lives on Clinton Street, was convicted under the state's Agriculture and Markets Law of overdriving, torturing and injuring animals. He also was convicted of failure to provide proper sustenance.

Elmer pleaded guilty in October just as his trial was about to start in Broome County Court.

Elmer was sentenced last week and directed to report to the sheriff's office to be processed for the Animal Abuser Registry.

The county legislature voted to create the online registry more than a year ago. Information about first-time offenders is to be maintained for 15 years. People convicted of repeated animal abuse are to be on the registry for life.

Those placed on the registry are required to pay a $125 registration fee.

People who sell, give away or adopt an animal in Broome County are required to check the registry before an ownership change occurs.

It's a violation of county law to provide an animal to someone who appears on the registry.

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