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Catch up here on local, regional, or state news items in a short recap we reported on for the week of November 20, 2023, from various agencies and news reporting from WNBF's Bob Joseph, Don Morgan, and the Townsquare Media staff. For the complete article (if available), click on the headline.

Binghamton Residents Concerned About Drive-Thru Cannabis Shop

(Bob Joseph)
Some people who live near a proposed Binghamton cannabis store are raising questions about the planned business that would feature a pick-up window. The City Planning Commission is considering a special use permit for the shop planned at 439 Court Street. The building at the site has been vacant since an A&W restaurant closed in February 2018.

NYS Department of Transportation Launches D.O.T. P.O.D.

(Don Morgan)
It's a podcast produced by the NYS DOT that notes is to "share the human story of the Department, its people, and the work that is done to help keep New Yorkers safe." According to the NYS DOT, the podcast will tell first-hand stories of the people who help design, build, and maintain New York State's transportation network, including building bridges, paving roads, and clearing snow. The podcast also explores how the NYS DOT crews get it all done.

IBM Closing Endicott Groundwater Treatment Facility

(Bob Joseph)
Construction crews are installing new piping in Endicott as IBM prepares to shut down one of its groundwater treatment facilities in the village. The work comes just after the company shut down its last offices in the community referred to as "The Birthplace of IBM." The company has spent millions of dollars in recent decades to clean up chemical contamination that originated at IBM's North Street manufacturing complex.

Johnson City and Endicott Holiday Parades Set 

(Don Morgan)
The Johnson City Holiday Parade will kick off at 7 p.m. on Thursday, November 30th at the corner of Main Street and Lester Avenue, and end at the Arch Street Bridge. It's about a 90-minute parade. The 2nd parade is the annual Endicott Holiday Parade. This parade will be on Saturday, December 2nd, and will kick off at 4 p.m. traveling south on Washington Avenue in Endicott.

Station 45 American Chop House Opens for Holiday Parties

(Bob Joseph)
A new restaurant has started operating in the historic Lackawanna Train Station in downtown Binghamton. Station 45 American Chop House is open for private events. The restaurant occupies the former waiting room and ticketing area on the west end of the Lewis Street building. Developer Mark Yonaty has owned the property near the city for more than a decade. He began restoration work for the restaurant in 2020.

Triple Cities Businesses That Closed in 2023

(Don Morgan)
Most are local businesses, some are national stores, and one was a nature center. I may have missed a few. Take a look below at businesses in the Southern Tier of New York that closed in 2023, listed in no particular order of date closing.

Construction Begins On Owego Community Center

(Bob Joseph)
Work is underway on a Tioga County project that's been under discussion for several years. A 15,000-square-foot community center is being built on a site in the village of Owego between North Avenue and Central Avenue. It's located near a facility that's now home to Tioga County Rural Ministry. The rural ministry agency will use the new Neighborhood Depot, along with Racker, Catholic Charities, and Tioga United Way.

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