Love listening to podcasts? Well, this is the first of its kind. The New York State Department of Transportation has launched 'The D.O.T. P.O.D.'

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Just what is the D.O.T. P.O.D.? It's a podcast produced by the NYS DOT that notes is to "share the human story of the Department, its people, and the work that is done to help keep New Yorkers safe."

According to the NYS DOT, the podcast will tell first-hand stories of the people who help design, build, and maintain New York State's transportation network, including building bridges, paving roads, and clearing snow. The podcast also explores how the NYS DOT crews get it all done.

New York State DOT is a diverse organization and the work we do touches the lives of New Yorkers each and every day, which is why we are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to engage with people and with this podcast we hope to reach a brand new audience - providing an opportunity to learn about who we are, what we do and the stories behind the people who get it all done. Combined with great hosts and interesting guests, this podcast will take a deep dive into some of the issues, programs, and projects across the state that are meaningful to New Yorkers.” - Marie Therese Dominquez, New York State Department of Transportation Commissioner 

The first episode of 'The D.O.T. P.O.D.' explores the concepts behind some of the Department’s bridge designs while adding some humor along the way, as told by NYS DOT Bridge Engineer, Harry White, who has also dabbled as a stand-up comedian.

'D.O.T. P.O.D.' podcast episodes will be available every two weeks, or maybe even more when available. The NYS DOT notes that you can catch the podcasts on Apple PodcastsSpotifyAmazon Music, and on the NYS DOT website.

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