The Summer of 2020 has been kind to us, and given its share of nice days to enjoy some outdoor activities.

Being outside allows us a chance to soak up some sun and shed a few of those pounds we have put on during our quarantine.

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I see many people out riding their bicycles around the southern tier.

The national safety council has released some tips to help you stay safe while enjoying the outdoors this summer.

  • Always make sure your bicycle and equipment are operating correctly, so start with an inspection.
  • The seat should be adjusted to make sure it is at a proper height, and is tightened down in place.
  • The tires on your bike should be inflated properly.
  • You should have the proper reflectors on the front, rear, spokes and pedals.
  • All parts should be secure and in good working order.
  • Helmets should be worn by everyone, and it is important to have the proper fit.
  • The NSC also recommends that you have a bell or horn, a bright light, and a rear-view mirror.
  •  It is also important to make sure others see you, especially drivers on the road.
  • Day riding is much safer, and the preferred recommendation.
  • Wear bright clothing when possible, (neon or fluorescent).
  • If riding at night, make sure you wear reflective clothing.
  • Make sure you know the traffic laws, and remember bicyclists must follow the same rules as motorists.
  • Always ride single file in the direction of the traffic.
  • Remain alert and use hand signals when turning.

For more information on Bike safety click HERE



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