There are bears in Vestal and they aren’t Golden and the kind that play football.

The Vestal Police have posted an advisory on their Facebook page warning residents that there have been several reports of wild bears in neighborhoods in the town.


Residents are reminded if they see a bear, do NOT approach it and it will move on.  Keep food out of your backyard, including unsecured garbage, bird feeders and other food left out for wildlife.

Tips for avoiding close contact with bears include, don’t put garbage out until pickup day, clean barbecue grills regularly, don’t feed pets outdoors, check if your dog is barking or cat is clawing at the door to determine what is causing them to be alarmed but do it carefully using outside lights to illuminate the area. Stay calm if you see a bear, slowly walk away and avoid blocking the bear’s escape route.

Don Morgan/ Townsquare Binghamton

Report bear encounter to the authorities so wildlife officials can determine if there is a nuisance bear problem that needs to be addressed.

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