According to a report by the Associated Press, a man wielding an ax and a sword walked into the New York Times Building on Thursday and asked to speak to the political section of the news organization.

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According to the report, after making his request to speak to the political section, he denied entry and handed his weapons over while waiting for authorities to arrive. The New York Police Department responded to the Times' building after getting a call about a man with a knife. Building security informed the officers that the man had the ax and the sword and the situation was resolved peacefully. The man was taken to the hospital for evaluation after police responded.

After the incident, a New York Times representative thanked the police "for responding to an incident in our lobby that was resolved quickly and peacefully." The identity of the man is not known nor is what the man intended to do with the weapons when he arrived at the building or what inspired him to go there.

Well that's certainly one way to file a complaint. With an organization as big as the New York Times, it's probably easy to have your written complaints get lost in the shuffle. But show up looking like a gladiator in an overly-exaggerated Hollywood movie and at the very least you're going to turn some heads. Sure, you're going to end up being taken away by authorities. But you've also given a reporter at the Times an afternoon story to write.

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